If you're craving for a mouth-watering, tender piece of steak and wishing to dine in a barn-like place, then The Beef Barn is the ultimate place for you!

The Beef Barn is a local diner situated in North Smithfield, Rhode Island. Operating 7 days a week (except on Holidays), this small eatery is famous among visitors for its inexpensive menu, cozy atmosphere, and friendly staff. For 38 years, it has been one of people's top choices when it comes to satisfying their beef cravings.

Their menu consists of simple but delicious food, such as different kinds of sandwiches (roast beef, pastrami, grilled cheese, BLT, etc.) and salads (chicken, tuna, julienne, and tossed). You can also choose your side-dish- crispy French fries or soup du jour. They also have yummy desserts like puddings, cakes, and turnovers. Lastly, quench your thirst with their wide lineup of drinks- from sodas to coffee to flavored shakes.